Friday Five (8/8/14)

1. WHERE SILENCE GATHERS has been out for a month now. It's strange to think about. So much of being an author is waiting, circling a certain date and watching the days crawl toward it. When you actually reach that day and everything you've been waiting for happens, it's hard to let go and move on to other things. But that's what I'm doing. I hope you enjoy Alex's story, guys, and I want to thank those of you who've offered support and encouragement. I couldn't do this without you.

2. Speaking of doing other things, I've been getting one question a lot lately. What are you working on? Just in case you missed the announcement, I do have another book coming out. Granted, it's not for another year and a half, but we all know that time always moves faster than we expect it to. This book will be my middle-grade debut, and it's coming from Philomel (an imprint of Penguin). I'm so excited to explore this genre. Don't worry, though! I'm always working on a young adult manuscript, whatever else is on my plate.

3. I had a birthday this summer. And I'd like to thank Taylor Swift for releasing a song that people automatically sing every time they hear how old I am, ensuring that it's the only thing I'm able to sing for the rest of the day. I probably mumble it in my sleep. How sad is it that I had a panic attack when I realized another year had gone by? There's just so much left on my list. I still need to go skydiving, travel to Europe, learn another language, audition for a movie, participate in a poetry reading... Here's to hoping twenty-three is slower in coming. What's on your list, guys?

4. If you're a writer looking for inspiration, I'd suggest moving into a house with roommates. It's extremely entertaining and there's always something happening. At least there is where I live. In the brief time we've been in this little green house, I've witnessed fights and proposals and so much else. I accept that this is where I'm at in life right now, but I do look forward to the time when everything is quiet again, and it's just me and the dogs. I think they're pretty exhausted, too:

5. School starts in two weeks. It's hard to believe. At this point last year I was convinced I'd be somewhere else in the world, doing something besides homework and studying. But then I discovered that I was just a few credits away from a second degree. And since the school I'm at is one of the few that offers this particular program, I thought, Why not? So I'll be in Minnesota for one more year, and hopefully at the end of it I'll walk away with my degrees in hand.

Have a great weekend, everyone!