Friday Five (5/16/14)

1. This blog has been pretty inactive the past few months, to say the least. But now that I'm officially graduated, I'm hoping that will change. Oh, do you like how I just casually slid that in there? Because I'm still so excited that I managed to pull it off. All the work, all the sweat, all the tears! It was worth it, because now I have an English degree to show for it. Of course, there's still a lot of school ahead - I'm a masochist like that - but this is a huge victory for both myself and my family. The fact that I messed up twice during the ceremony barely fazed me.

2. Moving sucks. Right now my tiny apartment is full of big boxes. It's amazing how much crap I managed to accumulate in two years. Most of it I'm selling or donating. Where am I moving, you ask? Just to another place in town, only this one will be full of roommates. I thought about vowing to buy less books so I wouldn't have to buy Ramen Noodles or share a place with anyone else, but who am I kidding? Hopefully that shiny new degree will help soon.

3. Over the summer, I'm working at a restaurant as a server. I have no prior experience in this setting, so it's been interesting, to say the least. I've only messed up about three hundred and twenty-nine times. Anyone who thinks serving is oh-so-easy, I welcome you to try it for a day. At least I haven't dropped a giant tray of food... yet.

4. TV shows have been wrapping up. This year I watched The Originals, Nashville, and The Big Bang Theory. Either I'm way too easy to please, or there are just some excellent writers working in television. I will admit to getting teary-eyed at least once. Also, who's keeping up with Game of Thrones? No spoilers, but Peter Dinklage deserves an Emmy for his performance this week. 

5. This past month I learned just how much I love my dogs. Dawson got... a couple of things removed. He was sent home with a cone and some painkillers. And my puppy proved that he was able to contort his body in such a way that he could still lick the stitches, because a couple days later there was an infection. After another trip to the vet, he was sent home again, this time with antibiotics and a bigger cone. I was cautioned to make him rest, and Dawson is determined to run and jump and play and make me have an ulcer. Seriously, if he wasn't so cute...