My Middle Grade Debut

I am so ecstatic to make this announcement. This is such a special book. Not only because it is told in verse, which is a first for me. And not only because it is my middle grade debut. It's because of the subject matter itself. My editor put it perfectly in one of her e-mails:

"There are many children/teens that suffer from diagnosable ailments (among them, clinical depression or Asperger’s), which we see reflected in the children’s marketplace. But loneliness is something different. To me, loneliness is a symptom of something far deeper and more complex: feeling other, feeling less than, and feeling disconnected from those around you. While not always easily treated or palpable, the effects of loneliness are often equally devastating and traumatic. THE LONELY ONES feels at once timeless and so relevant to me for this reason—advocating for connection, kindness, compassion."

Liza had already bowled me over with her enthusiasm, but when I read that, I just knew she was the one to work with. As of right now the book won't be released until early 2016, which feels like an agonizingly long wait, but I have a feeling it'll go by faster than we think. Here is the PM announcement to hold you over until then!

Children's: Middle Grade
Kelsey Sutton's THE LONELY ONES, a novel in verse in which lonely thirteen-year-old Fain, who is queen to a legion of imaginary creatures, struggles to connect to those around her until a boy from school and an equally lonely next-door neighbor show her the value of making friends in the real world, to Liza Kaplan at Philomel, by Beth Miller at Writers House (World).

I'll post updates here when I have them! And now I'm off to go dance some more. Have a great week, everyone!