Friday Four (2/7/14)

1. Well, Where Silence Gathers is up on Netgalley, which means that it is officially exists outside of my laptop. This is nerve-wracking on so many levels. For the past year I've seen two words a lot around the blogosphere: sophomore slump. Or maybe I noticed it more because it's become a fear for me. I just keep telling myself that I'm proud of this book, and I did the best job I could. Which is all any writer can do, right? So, though it's very different from Some Quiet Place, I hope Alex's story will resonate with many readers.
2. I learned a very important lesson this month: I am addicted to my cell phone. See, the one I had broke beyond all repair, and I was forced to order a new one. It took a week to arrive, and in that time I had nothing else to use for my texting or obsessively-tweeting needs. And in that time I can't count how many times I reached to check my phone... only to discover my fingers were closing around empty air. I realized that I am on it constantly. Frankly, I was a little annoyed with myself. So I've made a vow to be on the phone less, and in the moment more.
3. In between work and school, I've been working on a new YA novel. Right now it's at 33,000 words - yes, the dreaded middle - and I'm still in love with it. Which means that it will probably end up in the "Finished" folder on my computer. Since I've been getting some curious tweets about it, I thought I would share that the tentative title is Under and my agent has called it "bizarre" and "intriguing". And for someone who didn't bat an eyelash when I sent her a book about personified emotions, you know it must be true. There are no guarantees that it will ever see the light of day, but right now, the fun I'm having with it is all that matters. What are you working on?
4. I've always adored E.E. Cummings, and recently I bought a volume containing some of his most well-known work. Sadly, it didn't have my favorite poem, which is I Carry Your Heart With Me. Which isn't supposed to be capitalized, but the English major in me just can't bear to spell it out the way it should be. Anyway, if you haven't heard of Cummings or read his work, I really hope you find it as special as I do.

Have a great weekend, everyone!