Friday Five (12/6/13)

1. Finals are approaching, and all I can think about these days are essays and multiple-choice questions. It's hard to believe that in just five months, I'll be finished with my undergrad. How are things going for you guys? Are you wondering what on earth you were thinking when you decided to embark on this insane adventure called education? This Thanksgiving I told myself to be grateful for it. Maybe I should tattoo it on my arm or something so it's harder to forget.
2. Speaking of Thanksgiving, mine was more interesting than last year's. Not because of the food (which was delicious) or because of the people (who were fabulous), but because of a tiny surprise that wound up in my life. Everyone, meet the newest member of my little family, Dawson Sutton:

3. This month I woke up to some amazing news. SOME QUIET PLACE was named a Best Teen Book of 2013 by Kirkus Reviews. I'm still stunned and humbled and ecstatic, especially considering the company I'm keeping on the rest of the list. Two titles I would highly recommend are THE COLDEST GIRL IN COLDTOWN by Holly Black and ALL THE TRUTH THAT'S IN ME by Julie Berry.

4. It's a time for firsts. I recently went to my first roller derby bout. Wow, what an entertaining sport! Those girls are colorful and tough, and I don't know if I would have their mettle on the track. And they do all that shoving and skating in stylish outfits. Plus, the names. How fun are the names? I would want to do a play on one of my favorite author's names, like Charlotte Gruntë or Pain Austen. Yeah, those are horrible. I'm sorry I made you read that.

5. I feel like I should mention something writerly here but the truth is, there isn't much to say in that department right now. Promotion for SOME QUIET PLACE has come to a close, and I've been so consumed by work and school and puppies that I haven't had a chance to attempt NaNoWriMo or even write something at my own pace. Hopefully over Christmas break. Then you can watch me whine about it on Twitter.