SOME QUIET PLACE Blog Tour and Audio News

The blog tour for SOME QUIET PLACE begins in just a few days - a little over two days, to be precise - and it's going to be slightly different from other blog tours. There will be a few interviews, yes, but the majority of the posts will be profiles on the Emotions and Elements seen within the pages of the story rather than guest posts or reviews. I think it's going to be fun and hopefully interesting for you to meet some of these characters. If you want to follow along, here are the dates and the sites, along with the character being talked about:

July 5th - Joy at Who R U Blog
July 11th - Guilt at Falling 4 YA
July 30th - Disbelief at Leanna

Also, good news! SOME QUIET PLACE is going to be an audio book. I don't know anything about who's reading it yet, but I can tell you that the company is Audible. It's very exciting and surreal to think that people can listen to my words like this, and I can't wait to tell you more.

Have a great weekend, everyone!