Publisher's Weekly on SOME QUIET PLACE

Now that we're getting closer to the official release date for the book, trade reviews are starting to come in. It's always nerve-wracking, wondering whether or not the big names will give it a thumb's up, like Kirkus or Publisher's Weekly.  Thankfully, the feedback so far has been fabulous! See what PW had to say:
Sutton sets a high bar in her YA debut, challenging readers to empathize with a protagonist who has no emotions. Elizabeth Caldwell’s best friend is dying of cancer, one of the cutest boys in school loves her, and her alcoholic father beats her—but Elizabeth doesn’t care about any of it. Her only meaningful interactions are with the Emotions, immortal personifications of the feelings she can’t experience. With them, she does not have to pretend, as she must when she tries to muster believable social responses. The only Emotion who hasn’t given up on her is beautiful, passionate Fear. He’s not above tormenting her with graphic hallucinations, but he’s also intent on uncovering the mystery behind her coldness. Then the quest turns from a private parlor game into a matter of life or death for Elizabeth. Sutton’s plot unfolds slowly, and some scenes may unsettle more sensitive readers—neither Fear nor Elizabeth’s father pulls his punches—but most teens will find this a haunting and fresh psychological thriller. Ages 13–up. Agent: Beth Miller, Writers House. (July)
See the review on Publisher's Weekly website. And now I'm off to dance and eat cheese.