Friday Five (2/15/13)

1. As you can probably tell from the sparse posts this month, I'm hard at work on the new book. Unfortunately, this means that I will probably continue to be a horrid blogger. But on the plus side, it also means I'll have another book out one day! So maybe you'll forgive me for the radio silence? 

2. Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you had a romantic time with your special someone. I didn't exactly do much, because it might be weird if I took my dog out to a fancy restaurant and was all, "Can we see the wine list?" But I still had a good time staying in, eating chocolate, and watching The Vampire Diaries.

3. Which leads me to, well, The Vampire Diaries. Can we please talk about how "eh" this season is? Up until now, I thought the show would never disappoint... but it's actually getting there. Some of the story lines are just too out there - even for a show about the undead - and I just can't get behind the direction they're taking some of the characters. You know how there's a writing rule about needing a main character the reader will want to follow, to support? Someone they're willing to invest themselves in? That applies here, too. And Elena is just plain annoying right now. I'm still holding out hope, though. One word: Damon.

4. Has anyone read Shakespeare's Henry IV or Henry V? Or The Sun Also Rises? Or dozens of other short stories and poems I'm struggling to read in order to keep up with my classes? Okay, good. Then you come to Minnesota, go to class, and be me. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

5. Warm Bodies. Saw it this week, and though the movie wasn't perfect (there were tons of inconsistencies in the plot) it was adorable and entertaining. You should probably go see it. "Don't be creepy, don't be creepy..."