Friday Five (12/7/2012)

1. Finals week. Those two disgusting little words are the reason why I haven't posted anything new lately. 

2. My first-ever review appeared on Goodreads. It was an amazing experience, seeing and reading it. Nonetheless, I have made the vow to - when the book is actually out - avoid this website. Authors are always saying it's a bad idea to keep track of your reviews, good or bad. If you keep getting positive reviews you'll feel the pressure to write another book just as amazing (which we feel anyway) and if the reviews are consistently bad... well, we're a bunch with low self-esteem as it is. You get the idea. We'll see how my self-control does when July rolls around. After all, I made the vow last week to stop eating cheese, and I just went through an entire block of it. So... yeah.

3. Christmas is coming! Anyone got any big plans? Any cool gift ideas? I really, really wish I could cheat and just give my entire family an ARC of Some Quiet Place. Alas, they have not been printed yet. So I'll probably actually go out and get their presents. Something meaningful, like... shaving cream. I don't know. Leave me alone. I'm creative on paper, and that's about it.

4. Since the cover reveal, there have been a lot of new people stopping by the blog. I just want to say "hi" and warn you guys that this blog can be a bucket of crazy. I mean, there are occasional sort-of-helpful posts, but I mostly babble about cheese (as evidenced in this post). You have now been officially warned.

5. Isn't my dog just so silly?