My TV Shows for 2012

1. The Vampire Diaries

I hope you've heard of this show. The fourth season has just started, and you know how shows  tend to lose their steam around this point? Uh, no. When I watch it I still hold my pillow like it's a freaking lifejacket and I'm drowning in the Pacific. Not to sound like one of those commercials selling soap - which I probably am - but it has everything. Romance, suspense, intrigue... If you have yet to discover the addiction that is TVD, here's a promo for the pilot. It does start off shaky, I think, but just push through those first few episodes. The amazingness kicks in around the fifth or sixth one. When me and Beth are having a bad day, we tend to e-mail each other pictures of a shirtless Damon. Yeah. I just shared that with you.

2. Revenge

This show reels you in from day one. Even if I set it to record and vow to do my homework on a Sunday night, I always end up staying up too late to watch it anyway. And usually I'm scrambling to do that dang math an hour before class. Sigh. Oh, Revenge. It's about a girl who moves to the Hampton's to - you guessed it - have her revenge. I never thought I would be rooting for a character that wants to do people harm. But it's sort of sickeningly delightful. Series promo. The second season just started, but if you hurry (which you know you want to) we can watch it together and freak out over Twitter. Just saying.

3. The Walking Dead

I have a confession to make when it comes to this show... sometimes I watch it on mute. Hey, it's intense! The writers don't hold back, even into its third season. One of their most well-known rules is that no one's safe. Just last week a character you never thought would die - ever - did. And they didn't give this character a gentle death. The Walking Dead is heart-wrenching and mind-blowing. Although if you don't like gore or violence... this one probably isn't for you. Even I still cringe. Series promo.

4. New Girl

New Girl delivers so many laughs in just twenty minutes. I tend to stick to the hour-long dramas for enjoyment, but for this one I make an exception. Each week I half-expect it to begin its journey to Suckville - when it comes to TV I tend to be a glass-half-empty kind of person, for some reason - but New Girl has yet to disappoint two seasons in. Series promo. "Who's that girl? It's Jess!" Come on, now you know you're curious.

5. Arrow

It may seem a little premature to talk this one up, since we're only a few episodes into its first season. But guys, Arrow is addicting. I don't even know what I can say about it. No, that's a lie. I will say that every time an episode ends on an infuriating cliffhanger - which is to say, every single one - I want to jump up and be violent towards my TV. Oh... and the main character's eight-pack doesn't hurt the show's lure, either. What? I appreciate beauty of all forms! Series promo.

6. Nashville

This show just started its first season, and honestly, I had no plans of watching it. The trailer didn't look that great to me, and it just didn't seem like my kind of show. But one night I was being a good little student and doing my homework, with the TV on just for background noise, and Nashville came on. I kept glancing up. Again. And again. And again. Until finally I put my pencil down, turned the volume up, and sat back. It manages to draw me back every week. The music is fabulous and the drama is intriguing. Series promo.

What shows are you watching?