How to Celebrate Signing Your Contract

Even though I announced the book deal a few months ago, I only recently got the contract in the mail. I had it signed and sent back the next day. It seemed like another cause for celebration, so I did the following (I may or may not have also done this on the day of the actual book deal...):

1. Eat food. The calories will magically not count for this one.

My cousin took me out to Green Mill. For those of you who are unlucky enough to live in a place where there is no such thing, you have my sympathies. Think pizza and yummy bread sticks. (Thanks, Megan!) I had an extremely delicious, extremely fattening fettuccine alfredo. And I didn't feel the tiniest bit guilty later, because everyone knows that a celebratory dinner like this will not go straight to your thighs! It will simply... vanish. Seriously. It's public knowledge.

2. Tell a stranger. Preferably a nice lady at the post office who will ask you all kinds of questions.

Okay, I may or may not have told more than one friendly stranger. I was practically exploding! I had to let it out somehow. Thus the result of blurting, "Hey, my book is getting published!" to random people who had the misfortune to cross my path. At the grocery store. The gas station. The library. Okay, maybe not as bad as all that, but you get the picture. It definitely made the celebration better, because I wasn't the only one freaking out!

3. Buy so many books the clerk gives you a funny look.

Hey, if there's ever an excuse to buy so many books you pretty much don't have anything left for rent, it's this. The cute guy at the counter didn't really say anything, but he did give me an amused smile. So of course I blurted, "Hey, my book is getting published!" In the process I discovered a new ice breaker. Albeit a bit loud and kind of boastful. He remembers me now, though!

4. Take a picture that you didn't have time to get pretty for, thus forever documenting your general grotesqueness.

A friend told me that if I didn't take a picture of this moment, I would regret it forever. So, without further ado, the signature that changed my life. Wait, is that a bit over dramatic, maybe? No. No, I don't think so. (We only had a cell phone camera on us, so the quality isn't showcase-worthy. Sorry about that. Also sorry about the severe, I'm-such-a-serious-writer expression.)

How would you celebrate? Have a great week, you guys!