Friday Five (10/19/2012)

1. It's crazy, how fast time goes by. We're already halfway through October. I have no idea how that happened. Really. Then I realized that by this time next year I'll have a four-year degree and my book will be out in the world. Am I the only one who finds that thrilling and terrifying at the same time? Okay, I'll stop ranting about the insanity of it all. 

2. I finished another manuscript! Finally. Since writing Some Quiet Place, there have been a lot of failed attempts and scrapped beginnings. Nothing was clicking. But I am so, so excited about this one. When I have a story I'm truly passionate about - something that might actually go somewhere - I can't stop writing it. Seriously. I started the project on September 1st, and typed the last word yesterday (of the first draft, that is.) It's a great feeling... as long as I don't think about all the revisions in store. Gulp. No, no, I'm celebrating right now! 

3. Recently went and saw Pitch Perfect. You guys. Loved it. We were laughing so hard in the theater that I think we annoyed some people. If I weren't so poor, I would go back and see it three more times. I also recently saw The Breakfast Club for the first time. That one is... not so new. Haha. That movie has so many layers to it, I can see why it's still popular. It made me think of my own high school experience, and while I'm not sure I fell into any of those teen categories, the story still resonated with me. You guys should check both of those out. 

4. Vampire Diaries was last night! Season four. Oh my gosh. This is usually the point every show I've ever loved falls apart. But this one just keeps shocking me every week. I don't want to spoil anything for those of you who have yet to watch the episode or even the series, just know that it is my favorite. Over anything else on TV. How's that for a recommendation?

5. I love string cheese. This also might be why my pants are getting tighter. (I may or may not have had trouble thinking of a number five...)