Friday Five (8/24/2012)

1. As usual, I have valid excuses for why I've been so bad at updating my blog. I've been doing revisions, working, and catching up on my reading. I'm also very close to finishing a new manuscript, which I haven't quite decided if I want to show to anyone. (If anyone is curious, those doubts and insecurities you have as a writer don't go away with a book deal.) Oh, if anyone is looking for a good fantasy to read, I just finished Seraphina by Rachel Hartman. So good.

2. I don't really advertise my age online, but it's pretty obvious that I'm a young one. Anyway, growing up in a conservative home, I didn't get to actually experience a lot of the things I put into my books. What things, you ask? Well, I'm not going to give you examples, because what you're imagining is probably so much more fun. Back to the point. Lately I've gone out into the world to experience some of those mysterious activities. Partly because I was curious, and partly because I wanted to see if what I was writing was accurate. And I found that it was. So if you're a writer and you think you have to stick to what you know like so many say... you really don't.

3. There are so many distractions out there for us poor, easily-distracted writers. Game of Thrones, fried chicken, manicures... My big one lately has been cute boys. Darn you, you cute boys! No more. I swear it. (Yeah, right.)

4. School starts in five days. Five days. How did that happen? If there are any fellow English majors out there, prepare yourselves for the beast that is Technical Writing. I've been told that creatively-inclined writers don't enjoy it. At least there are cute boys on campus to cheer us up. Ha. Just kidding. Or am I?

5. This made my day. Warning: don't ever piss off a hungry toad.