Friday Four (5/4/2012)

1. I write this in a very loud, very unsanitary McDonald's. Yesterday I got on a train set for North Dakota to see my family. There I was, watching Super 8 on my laptop, when a man sat next to me. I whipped my head around, and I knew my eyes were wide and nervous. I opened my mouth... and shrieked, "Grandpa?!" Somehow we ended up on the same train heading for the same place. To understand how bizarre this is, I have to tell you that neither of us live in North Dakota, we barely get to see each other because we're so far away, and there were tons of trains and tons of different times we could have each chosen. It was pretty amazing... until he tried to set me up with a poor, random Air Force man across the aisle from us.

2. I've discovered that not only is writing a pastime and a passion for me, it's also a distraction. I'm going through a time of transition right now, seeing as I have no idea where I'll be living in a couple months, a new semester is starting, and other things are ending and beginning. Some sad, some exciting. I'm not sure if this is healthy or not, losing myself in other heads and worlds, but it keeps me from rocking in a dark corner. I figure it has to be a little good.

3. For those of you who will be in college one day, or already are, let me give you some obvious advice: do not procrastinate. I know, as writers, this is what we do. But when it comes to school it just doesn't work. The other day I had to go up to the front of the room and give a speech. Being a very anxious person when it comes to public speaking, I really should have prepared more. I ended up going up there with shaking hands and a quivering voice. My topic was on setting up more regulations for homeschooling. At some point I heard myself say, "...and parents need more training when it comes to the subjects themselves. I remember when I was growing up my mom wasn't able to help me with my math at all. Because, uh, she was dumb." Yeah. I said that. I meant she wasn't good at math. So, long story short, prepare and do the work. (If you're reading this, Mom, you're not dumb. Well, just at math, but you're really good at other things!) Sigh. I am so getting bugs in my Thanksgiving stuffing this year...

4. Last but not least, Draw Something. I am addicted. I am in love. I am ignoring all my texts and phone calls because I am too busy drawing King Kong or a cupcake. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, it's an app. Kind of like Pictionary, actually. You go back and forth with another person who has it. If I'm not explaining it right, Google will tell you everything. Because Google is awesome. Just like Draw Something.

Have a great week!