Friday Five (5/18/2012)

1. We're halfway through May. How did this happen? That is all.

2. I've never given much thought to the length of a novel before. Usually I write until the story is done, whatever the word count is. With the latest W.I.P., however, I am thinking about it because it's turning out to be shorter than the others. I've done some research, and there doesn't seem to be any set requirements. Is 40,000 a novella? Or is 20,000 a novella? Can anything be called a novel? Questions, questions.

3. I'm a little late in talking about this, but did anyone else watch the season finale of Vampire Diaries last week? Epic. Truly, truly good. Generally I restrain my fan-girl tendancies. When it comes to this show, though, all bets are off. Sighs and fanning commence when I gaze up at the television. Damon...

4. Last night one of my roommates was talking to me, I guess, and I heard none of it. He thought I was ignoring him and left. He came back and sat down again. I looked up and said, "Huh? Did you say something?"

5. I've been really into stand-up comedy lately. The following is one of my favorite comedians, Tim Hawkins. Hopefully you find this as funny as I did: