Friday Five (4/13/2012)

1. The biggest development in my life recently is a new job at Caribou Coffee. I've been looking for a while now so I feel like I can breathe again! And the air will smell like fresh espresso beans... Here's to hoping that I have enough willpower not to spend my entire check on what I'm selling.

2. The end of the semester is nigh! Two more weeks. Can you believe that? Just a couple more soul-sucking essays and tests and then I'm done with sophmore year. No summer break for me, since I'm taking even more classes. Random fact about the fall semester: one thing I'm really looking forward to for next year is the screen-writing class I signed up for. How cool would that be to see your work on the screen? Maybe someday...

3. Okay, so I'm not trying to diss other genres, but lately I've grown a real appreciation for the awesomeness that is YA. I've had to read several non-fiction books for class. Yes, they were informative and well-written and worthy of all the praise each book recieved. But it just made me realize how lost I can get in a YA book. Does that make sense? When I'm reading something like The Hunger Games or The Host, I forget I'm reading a book. I think that's pretty rare, and yet it happens over and over again in YA. So, in conclusion: I will adore YA until I die.

4. I don't know if you guys know this about me, but I have a bizarre addiction to horror movies. I will go out and rent a movie that all my friends tell me not to watch, because they know what a wimp I am. And if I can't get anyone to sit down and watch it with me, I'll sit there all by myself and cower behind a blanket. See, the thing is, I won't even really watch it. During the scary parts I'll either plug my ears or have someone else narrate what is happening to me. Yes. I am a coward. I have accepted this. Anyway, the other night I got Paranormal Activity 3 and made my friend Daniela watch it with me. There was ear-plugging. But at one point Daniela was so determined to make me watch that she gave me the all-clear, and I lifted my head... and screamed. Hey, it was a scary movie, okay? The night then consisted of me running to my car in the dark, shutting my closet door when I got home, and making sure my cat slept in front of me so any monster would eat him first if it came down to it.

5. I am heading to the cities this weekend. You know what that means, don't you? Barnes and Noble, baby! I think I've already babbled about my adoration for this store. So that is all for this week. Have a great 13th, guys. Try not to get eaten.