Friday Five (2/3/2012)

1. I am between projects right now. There are ideas I'm excited to work on, and I've written down a few beginnings, but nothing has taken over yet. I've decided that I'm not going to push it at the moment. School is all-consuming, and doubtless the writing monster will want to forget about all that homework when it visits. What are you working on?

2. Right now I feel as if I'm in some kind of limbo. Every day is the same. Work, class, home. I also have this feeling that a change is coming. A big one that might be good or bad. No idea what it could be, and it might just be the caffeine talking, but we'll see. Cue dramatic music. (That's what the whole picture is about. Don't fortune tellers always warn you that a change is coming? Plus, I just think it's funny.)

3. Been really bonding with my cat lately. Our relationship started off kind of rocky. It had been years since I had a feline in the house and, honestly, I wasn't sure what to expect. (Yeah, I have big problems in my life.) He turned out to be quite more... difficult than I'd imagined. Ruined curtains and destroyed rolls of toilet paper and all that. I think now we've hit our groove. He understands that the toilet paper is off limits and I understand that he needs some lap time, even if I'm trying to write.

4. Tonight I'm going to see One for the Money with my cousin. It should be well-known by now that I am a huge Stephanie Plum fan. If you haven't read this series yet, why are you still here? The author is Janet Evanovich. Go. Go now. Or stick around and read number five, then go. It's up to you. Or is it? (Mind games!)

5. Lately I've really been on the hunt for some good music. I just happened to stumble across this guy, and there's something about him that's so magnetic! Does that sound corny? Point is, I like him. Listen. And have a great weekend!