Friday Five (12/9/2011)

1. If November is the month everyone writes a novel, then December is the month everyone revises a novel. (Insert frustrated growl here.) My own revisions are slow going, but I'm about halfway through now. Personally, I don't enjoy this part of the process (some people do, believe it or not), but I love the feeling when I know I'm done. No joke, today I spent at least twenty minutes on one sentence. One sentence. I knew I wanted to keep it, but every way I worded the dang thing, it just looked funny. I figured it out, though! So if I'm absent this month, you know where I am. Gritting my teeth and glaring at a Word document.

2. I've finished enrolling for the second semester, and I'm extremely nervous. I'm trying to get all the required courses out of the way, which means these classes are mostly science and math. (And insert a gulp here.) Being a very English-inclined student - yes, I know this is shocking - I'm not very good at these subjects. So the next few months might be a little rocky. I might whine more. Just warning you now.

3. There are so many good series out there! Strange Angels, Vampire Academy, Stephanie Plum... I've noticed that there has been a debate going on in the blog world lately, on whether or not there are too many. Want my two bits? Maybe I shouldn't say anything. Well, okay, since you want to know so badly. It's short and sweet: there is no such thing as too many books, standalone, series, or anything between! (Is there anything between? Hmmm...) But if anyone is looking for a really good standalone, I would recommend a Sarah Dessen book. You can never go wrong with a Dessen.

4. Every once in a while a scandal ripples through the Y.A. community. While I'm not going to voice my own opinion on this one, there is a very thorough post on what is happening here, by Cellidhann on The Book Lantern. I don't like conflict, but I do like being aware of things. If you haven't caught wind of this one yet, head on over there.

5. To end on a lighter note, I discovered this video yesterday, courtesy of my friends Tanya and Bailey. If you haven't heard me mention them before, I am shocked and dismayed by my failure to blare their names to the blogosphere. They are the best betas anyone can ask for. But wait, back to the video. It's for fans of violins and Star Wars. Oh, yes. Be excited. I hope it makes you smile! Have a great weekend, you guys.