The Book You'll Never Forget

I think we all have that one book. It's forever imprinted on our souls, the story that changed us. Which may sound a little dramatic, but there's truth to it, right? I'm talking about the book that introduced us to Y.A. fiction. The one that sent you into a spiraling downfall of obsession. (I really hope this doesn't only apply to me.)

I've heard that for many this book was Twilight. Mine, however, was Dreamland by Sarah Dessen. I was in high school, at the point where I was exploring tons of different genres. Some were hit and miss. I was at the library so often the librarian knew me by name. One day I pulled this book off the shelf. It was older, before the covers were redesigned. Though it didn't sound like the kind of story I'd read so far, I decided to give it a try. And a couple hours later, I was so glad I had. I still remember that feeling when I turned the last page.

Since then I haven't been able to find a genre I love or enjoy more than Y.A. Every single book is awesome, and even when those stories are forgotten I go back to reread them. And at the top of my shelf is that book, the one I cherish even more than the epic tales, because that was the one to bring me to this amazing genre. Dreamland. I highly recommend it.

So thank you, Sarah. Your words have changed lives.

What was your book?