My agent said something recently that struck a chord with me. We've been going back and forth about some things in my manuscript that may need tweaking, and she made a suggestion. Yes, I said. But this person said that it didn't work. We exchanged a few more comments and e-mails, which eventually led me to say, Well, I guess it's all a matter of opinion, isn't it?

And then Beth hit me with: As is most of this business.

Okay, before you're tempted to throw a drink or a piece of food at me and go, Well duh!, allow me to finish. I know that publishing is impossible. I know that a piece of writing can't please everyone. One person is going to love it and one person is going to hate it. But how do you know when to make changes according to someone else's opinion and when to make a decision that goes against it?

I've been at a crossroads a few times over the past few months. I've made choices that go against the grain and choices that go with the flow. People say often, Kelsey, this is your story, you do what feels right. Which is ultimately the only piece of advice us writers can follow. We can make those changes and we can keep things the way they are, or we can go another direction entirely. It's up to us. It's our words, it's our story, it's our decision. There are people standing behind you, and hopefully there are more people down the road that will have the right to an opinion. In the end, though - the truth I keep coming back to during this experience - it all comes down to our opinion. My opinion.