Interview with YA Writer Monica B.W.

For those of you who haven't met her yet, I have here today - for the first time! - Monica B.W. Monica is a YA writer represented by Michelle Wolfson of Wolfson Lit. Thanks for stopping by, Mon!

Oh, thank YOU for thinking about me! I feel honored to be here, on your blog. =)

Tell us a little about your awesome self.

Geez, I’m not sure about the awesome part, but I’ll still tell you about me.

I’m a YA fiction writer, represented by Michelle Wolfson of Wolfson Literary. I live in Chile with my hubby, my three little boys, and a bunch of hens.

Are you allowed to tell us anything about your book?

Sure! The book my agent signed me with is about a girl who has uncontrolled out-of-body experiences, and she has to find her mom’s soul, which has gone MIA.

(This sounds amazing! Can't wait to read it...)

Have you always wanted to be an author? What was the first thing you remember writing?

Ha! No. When I was like 20, I had NO idea I’d want to be an author. In fact, I studied business.

The first thing I remember writing was a short Christmas story for a little contest in a newspaper or something. I think I did it because I was bored. I don’t even remember if I participated in the end or not.

Will you share something about your writing style? Music, plotter/pantser, etc.

I can’t hear music when writing. I get highly distracted.

I’m a plotter, and sometimes I’d like to be a pantser, since that way characters surprise you. (I love when characters surprise me!)

Some days, I can’t write a word if I don’t have a pack of cookies by my side.

(This is me when it comes to coffee.)

What do you do when you are not writing?

Besides reading? Playing or doing homework with my kids, or chauffeuring them. And feeding my hens!

During the weekends, we do stuff with my hubby, like visiting my in-laws or going on picnics.

What was the last book you read?

Fury by Elizabeth Miles.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

Ask yourself this question before doing anything: What would love do?

(I like that! It's something I haven't heard before.)

Speed round questions!

Choclate or vanilla? I’d like to say chocolate. Sounds more bad-assy? But I’m a vanilla girl. ;)

Sweet or spicy? Are you kidding? SWEET! 100000 times!

Dogs or cats? Oh, cats. I love cats. When I was little, I wanted to have a cat, but my dad hates cats, and that’s why he said no. So I thought, “Okay, I’ll have plenty of cats when I grow up.” Turns out my hubby’s allergic. So, you know, I’ve never had a cat =(

Isn't she great, guys? Monica can be found on her blog, her website, and on Twitter. She's so nice she'll respond to pretty much anything, even if it's random or even a little strange.