Friday Five (7/15/2011)

1. The great thing about finishing edits is the fact that you can start something new. Fresh plot, fresh setting, fresh characters. Not that I don't love my old ones, but sometimes new can be just the thing a writer needs to relax, oddly enough. Which is why I'm forging ahead to finish this second round of edits so I can dive into one of these ideas bouncing around in my head.

2. I'm looking for a new TV show. There seems to be a lull during the summer. Anyone have any suggestions? My tastes run with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bones, The Vampire Diaries, Grey's Anatomy... All completely different shows, so I'm pretty flexible. (I miss Friends so much...)

3. So apparently there's a new Harry Potter movie out? Wait, don't leave! I have watched all the others, okay? I just tend not to pay attention to new movies coming out because I don't usually go. Also, I grew up in a conservative home. (I can hear you asking, What does that have to do with anything?) Well, because of this, I wasn't allowed to read or see any of the movies because of the wizards and witches. I jumped on the Harry Potter train late in life. I keep reading blog entries about how people feel like their childhoods are ending, and I sort of wish I had that. Anyway. I'll see the new movie soon.

4. Sometimes I wish life would slow down. Keep in mind that I'm not complaining, just daydreaming. This week was consumed by book edits, meeting sales quotas at work, trying to trim down enough to fit into my pants, and babysitting my co-worker's beast of a dog. (The beast and the cat aren't getting along so well.) Maybe one day. One day.

5. Lately I've been paying a lot of attentions to trends. Apparently two big YA genres agents and editors are looking for is contemporary and horror. Interesting... And also, there's been a ton of discussion about sex in YA. What say you? For or against? Since I enjoy anything steamy, I'm all for.

Have a greet weekend, everyone!