The Relationship With Your Agent

Today I was trying to come up with a blog topic, and I kept asking myself if there was anything I wondered about before I signed with Beth. I remember constantly trolling through blogs and websites, looking for any and all information that I could get about agents. And there are so many resources for writing the perfect query, for what to say or ask during the official phone call. But one thing I didn’t see too much of was what happens after. What’s it like, having an agent? What do you talk about, how do you communicate?

Every author’s relationship with their agent is different. But I can share with you what it’s like working with Beth.

We don’t talk every day. There are long stretches of time that we go without hearing from each other at all, in fact. Right now, for instance, I’m deep into editing. Beth and I went back and forth on the phone and in e-mails for a while, talking in length about these changes. Now that we’ve decided what to do, it’s up to me. Of course if I have a question or an idea to throw her way I will, but for now, we’re both working.

In the beginning I think the relationship was a little more formal. Now that we know each other better, it’s easier. I don’t type Dear Beth at the beginning of every e-mail, and I don’t sweat waterfalls when she calls. I don’t know if this was just me, but I had trouble thinking of agents as actual people. They were beings that were so exotic they were almost unreachable. Not that they still aren’t exotic beings! But they’re actually real, and friendly! I know, it’s unexpected. Who knew?

Edits. Beth is great with the idea-tossing, when the time comes for it. She doesn’t do line-by-line. She lets me know what themes in the novel are working, and what should be tweaked or rewritten. I actually enjoy how much is left up to me. She reminds me that this is my story, and I should do what feels right. It’s awesome sauce.

Point is, your agent is your biggest fan. They’re rooting for you, they’re putting time into your story and your conversations. It’s amazing to have someone so capable on your side.

Have a great day, guys! Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.