After the Big Trip

So I've come to one conclusion: New York City and Bemidji are two very different places. One almost painfully loud, one where the only sound is the wind. I can see why some people would fall in love with New York. There's life everywhere, always something to do or see. I have yet to see something like this in my small town:

How cool is that? People are confident enough, comfortable enough, or maybe crazy enough to just plop down in a public place, toss their shoes, and whip out a trumpet. Well, some people might have whipped out more than that but I'm not going to go there! (We did see the so-called naked cowboy more than once.)

The trip was short, but we managed to stuff a whole lot in those four days. I met my agent, Beth, for the first time. We went to Battery Park and took a tour of New York on the water. Very cool. For those of you that have yet to meet your agent one day, there's really no need to be nervous. They really are human! And Beth was so easy to talk to.

We walked everywhere, rode the Subway, took a couple cabs. Once we even paid a guy to pull us in a tiny cart behind his bike. I saw Times Square for the first time. You see it in the movies and in pictures, but it's so much more in reality. There are so many smells and sounds. It's overwhelming, really.

And we couldn't go to New York and not see a Broadway show. We managed to see a couple, actually. Phantom of the Opera and Memphis. Both of which were worth making my wallet shrivel and weep. The last day we went to the Cloisers, a museum full of European art. That made me feel so... young. It was amazing, though.

Really, New York City was an incredible place. I'm not sure I have what it takes to actually live there, but it was definitely worth it.