This Is My Boyfriend, W.I.P.

"Hi, my name is Kelsey. What's yours?" She smiles with naive innocence.

"W.I.P." Deep voice. Smoldering eyes.

Kelsey shivers.

In the beginning, it's all possibilities and attraction. You know when you first meet someone, and all you can do is think about them? You imagine where you'll be in a couple weeks, a couple months. You think that this person might be the one. Everything will be perfect and you won't make any mistakes this time.

Then you get to know this person. Maybe too well. But even though it isn't as perfect as you'd imagined it would be, you're willing to accept W.I.P. for his flaws. Because he's the one, you just know it. He's going to take you places you've never gone before, change your life!

Things take a turn for the worse. It's starting to fall apart. You begin to think you can't do this. There's just too many problems, too many obstacles and loose ends. W.I.P. isn't who you thought he was, and you're wondering if any of it's worth the effort. Maybe you should find someone else, someone you click better with. Start over.

After that...

I honestly can't tell you what comes after this point, since it's either make up or break up. Depends on how determined we are, the difficulties we're facing. And all right, I realize this is a rather cynical view of relationships. There are many exceptions, especially when you do finish your manuscripts, or meet that single person who does indeed change your life. But for those of you who've been in the dating game a while, you know what I mean, right?

The point of this post is... Well, it was kind of fun just to make equivalents between dating and writing. And it's Monday, so I can't think too deeply right now. Any thoughts or input on your own relationships with W.I.P.?