Why We Need Betas

I know that as a writer, I have two main reasons I would not be able to survive without my betas. Two reasons that if I didn't have these amazing women around, I would crumple into a tiny ball and never see the light of day again. If you have your own reasons that differ from these, feel free to share.

For outside feedback.

I've done a post on this - how important it is - but it could always use repeating. There's only so much a writer can do with his or her own work. Someone else needs to take a look at it at some point, someone with fresh eyes and unbiased views. Plot, grammar, characterization, setting, all of it.

So they can fluff up our egos.

I highly doubt I'm the only writer who runs to her betas with the word HELP in the subject line. I've done posts on self-doubt, and I'm aware that I get very bad cases of it, but so far I have yet to come up with a concrete cure for it. Then again, maybe running to our CP shrieking at the top of our lungs is the only cure.

So I just want to send a shout-out to my wonderful friends/betas. What would I do without you?