The Discovery of Something Inspirational

I’ve noticed that ideas came to me much easier when I was younger. I was constantly – every day – coming up with something new. A weird ghost story, the journey of a genie, a tale of trolls living underground. As I’ve grown, interesting stories come much slower now, and I have to work for them.

Where do you get your ideas? Pictures? Dreams? Music? Life? I'm been looking for concepts that I haven’t seen before – something I realize is near impossible to find. There’s a method I’ve discovered that really works for me.


It’s taken me almost twenty years to realize how great poetry is. Emily Dickinson, E.E. Cummings, Edgar Allen Poe. They’re all incredible story tellers. When I read their words, it’s just really inspiring. Fresh ideas are born, and it’s kind of like a drug; I feel like I can do anything. This may all sound so sappy, but I feel like poetry is slowly becoming a lost art form.

So, next time you hit a wall of doubt or inspiration, I suggest going to one of the great poets for some help.