Agent Edits

One of my friends mentioned that she was really curious as to what an agent’s edits are like. Every agent is different, of course. But I can tell you what it’s like working with Beth so far. She’s the kind of agent who guides me but doesn’t hold my hand, if that makes sense.

Before she officially offered me representation, Beth sent me notes of what she believed worked and didn’t work, plot inconsistencies, etc. She gave me a lot of time to make the changes, but since I’m an obsessive writer and I like to set deadlines for myself (not to mention I wanted that call, man!), I got it all done quickly.

After the call and the signing, she sent me more notes. Just a few paragraphs similar to before. What wasn’t working with the story and what could make it better. I fixed it, sent it back to her. She had a couple of her colleagues read the book and sent me what they had told her. Again, I made some changes and sent it back. I’m guessing this is what it’s like for most writers.

It was looking pretty good at that point. Right before we went on submission she also sent a few line edits, just to make it shine to the extent that it would blind anyone who read it.

Beth always gives me the option of taking my time, but I'm just too excited to slow down!