Age Doesn't Matter

This is been on my mind lately.

During a recent conversation, someone said to me, "You're going to branch out eventually, Kelsey. You won't always read young adult fiction." Huh. And then, while I was reading an author interview, the author stated that she was feeling pressured to write sequels quickly because a couple of her fans have said that they'll be too old to read them if she takes too long. 

You can't put an age on young adult fiction. I honestly believe that I will always read young adult fiction. I will always write young adult fiction. In my opinion, it's the neatest genre out there. We get the most incredible books from this area, packed with everything: plot, romance, suspense. I know adults that read young adult fiction, people in their twenties and thirties and forties. And what about all the published authors who write in this genre?

Point. If I ever stop reading young adult fiction - not going to happen, I guarantee it, but if it were to happen - it would only be because I've gone blind and I'm too lazy to learn Brail.

Enough said.