Review: Wake Unto Me by Lisa Cach

Caitlyn Monahan knows she belongs somewhere else. It's what her dead mother's note suggested, and it's what her recurring nightmares allude to.

Desperate to flee these terrifying dreams - and her small town - she accepts a spot at a boarding school in France. Only, when she arrives, her nightmares get worse.

But then there are her amazing dreams, so vivid and so real, with visits from an alluring, mysterious, and gorgeous Italian boy from the 1500s. Caitlyn knows they are soul mates, but how can she be in love with someone who exists only in her dreams?

Then, as her reality and dream world collide, Caitlyn searches for the real reason why she was brought to this school. And what she discovers will change her life forever.

Caitlyn has never fit in. High school is never easy, especially when your fellow peers call you Moan-and-Groan. Not to mention the horrible nightmares that plague her nearly every night. All Caitlyn has are her goals, and those goals are simple: To get out of her small town and get a scholarship to an amazing boarding school in France.  

Wonder of wonders, it all happens the way Caitlyn imagined it would. She gets a letter of acceptance to the prestigious school, and before she knows it she's on a plane to France. Maybe the nightmares will stop. Maybe she'll make close friends. Maybe everything will be better.

Of course not. Caitlyn's dreams just become more intense, and there's a boy she keeps seeing. It's terrifying, and it's affecting her schoolwork and her relationships with her new schoolmates. But after a time of having the dreams, Caitlyn finds herself wishing they were real, despite the consequences. The boy wakes something inside of her she hadn't realized was there.

Caitlyn begins to discover that nothing is as it seems at her new school. There are rumors of buried treasure, and some of the other girls claim to have seen a ghost walking the halls. They call her the Lady in Black. It all raises more questions for Caitlyn. Why was she really brought to the school? Who's this Lady in Black? And will she be able to stick it out in France?

As I read the first chapter, I was having some doubts about how much I would like the book. But I kept reading, and I quickly came to the conclusion that

Wake Unto Me

is... riveting. I picked it up and I didn't put it down. It's been a long time since I've come across a book I loved this much. What I enjoyed most was the mystery. Lisa Cach knows how to create plot, and, while I found the girls' ages - fifteen - to be a bit unrealistic, Lisa also knows how to create characters so real I felt like I wasn't reading a book, I was inside it. There are unexpected twists and the description is lovely.

Wake Unto Me

is set to release in March of 2011. I highly recommend this one, guys. It's officially on Kelsey's favorites list.