About Kelsey sutton

Kelsey was born in Tucson, Arizona. Shortly after this her mother moved them to Minnesota, where she's remained ever since. There has never been a time when Kelsey was not writing. As a child she would come home from school, pull out her plastic bin full of markers and paper, and arrange everything around herself in a circle. She would then fold some paper in half, staple the side three times, and proceed to fill the white spaces with words and pictures.

The first novel Kelsey ever finished was so thick it could have served as a doorstop. The story was about Victorian vampires. It was 2008 and she was sixteen years old. Kelsey did research on how to get a book published and discovered what a literary agent was. She promptly sent a query to one.

Understandably, that awkward, snail-mail query received no reply. As the days turned into weeks, Kelsey reconsidered her approach. She concluded that maybe this manuscript wasn't the one she wanted to show the world. So she took another year and wrote a completely new suspense novel. It was 2009. Kelsey was seventeen and on her own.

By this time she had realized that agents accepted e-mail queries and there wasn't only one of them in the world. Kelsey sent off a new query to several agencies; Beth was among that list. After a long, enlightening journey, she again shelved a manuscript. Time passed. Kelsey graduated high school in 2010 and immediately afterwards ran off to California. She wrote another novel. Then she came back to her beloved Minnesota and got responsible, enrolling in college and finding a job.

And in the beginning of 2011, Kelsey queried Beth again. She was eighteen years old with a story that was new, strange, and exciting. She had written it during a time when she was living with people she didn't know that well, in a place that was a little frightening, during a time when absolutely nothing was certain. Beth quickly got back to her. The subject of the e-mail read, RE: Query: SOME QUIET PLACE.

The rest, as they say, is history.